The sailing school was first founded by John and Patricia Moore in 2005. The Moore family have been coming to Heir Island since 1974 and in 2000 both John and Patricia decided to live on the island fulltime . In 2016 Kevin and Amm Mccormack came to help run the sailing school, with the arrival of Finn the second Heir baby in 50yrs, Amm has her hands full and Kevin is happily looking after things at the sailing school. At the start of 2019 Kevin took over the Sailing School. The accommodation next to the Sailing School at Roaring Water Lodge is now being run by John and Patricia’s son Craig and his partner Claudia.

While the main Sailing season is from June to Oct, many things take place at the sailing school through the year, from  Easter Courses, to Instructor training programs, HISS also works closely with Heir Island Retreat and together offer a place where Yoga, Mindfulness, and other retreats take place, also offering corporate and customisable programs. This year we are also offering Powerboating lessons and can do the National Powerboat Cert (Level 2) Kevin is trying to bring new activities to the school and offer different courses and events.

The school is one of only a couple of off shore sailing schools in Ireland and is an official Irish Sailing Training Centre. The school can have between 25 – 30 sailors on the water. With these numbers a family atmosphere is created, and a special experience is had by the students. Larger residential groups can be accommodated by the rental of nearby holiday houses.  Students and sailors come from all over the world to enjoy the fantastic waters surrounding the island and to experience the unique life and beauty of the island itself.