Our corporate and group outings are entirely bespoke and tailored to suit the needs of each group. We can schedule your event for any period during daylight hours, seven days a week. Events can be tailored to provide an entertaining day on the water for clients, as a way to say thank you to staff or indeed as a way to let off steam as part of a sports and social group outing.

We provide everything – from safety gear to waterproof clothes to food & bar options afterwards. You are accompanied throughout the day by highly competent qualified instructors and dedicated shore-side co-ordinator.

Teamwork, decision making, co-operation and planning are just some of the skills that will be touched on during the day. These are some of the fundamental abilities to making the boat sail. Over the years many companies and various groups have engaged us to help promote and foster the essence of teamwork for their company and we are very proud to have an excellent track record. In the idyllic setting of Roaring Water Bay your team must work together as a crew to make the boat sail. Put simply the boat cannot manoeuvre without the combined effort, concentration and dedication of its team aboard. So for bonding, fostering the sense of working as a team and fun all at once it is hard to better the sport of sailing for a group event.

We have a wide range of events and outings. Events can be scheduled for any day of the week during daylight hours.
1. Sail Cruising in Roaring Water Bay followed by a race back to Heir Island.
2. Company Regatta
3. Series of Sail Training Lessons
4. Powerboat Trips & Transfers. 5. Kayaking. Why not stay over on the island? we can link in with accommodation providers here on the island and can customise an experience to suit your teams needs.

Please email or phone 087-1488127 to make an enquiry or to book.