Summer Courses

Due to the Covid19 situation and the guidelines around opening up the country, we are having to make some dramatic changes to our normal program this season. The islands are in lock down until the 10th of August, meaning only permanent residents or essesstial services providers can access the islands, so unfortunatly we can’t operate from the island until then, but we are excited to offer some activities from Cunnamore on the mainland until the 10th of August. (Please see below for the activities from Cunnamore) We then hope to be able to run our regular courses every week from the 10th of August until the 28th of August, however capicty may be differnt due social distancing guidelines, but these may change as we get closer to the time. During that period we will be running the Irish Sailing Small Boat Scheme with the following levels available:

Taste of Sailing

Start Sailing

Basic Skills

Improving Skills

Advanced Boat Handling

Adventure Skills

Kites & Wires

In addition to these courses we also hope to be running Cara na Mara courses (ages 6yrs – 10yrs) for 2 weeks this year from the 10th August – 21st August. Please check out Cara na Mara from the menu for more information.

This year we also hope to run our full on Adventure course which will incorporate 5 days of sailing and 4 nights of camping around the islands, from the 17th – 21st August.

From the 10th of August we will also be offering National Power boating courses upon request.

But for a quick guide of our prices during 10th Aug to 28th Aug here is a summary:

A one week course is €270pp and any additional weeks are €200pp

For the full on Adventure course it’s €350 includes food etc

We also have a 10% sibling discount on all these courses.

Also as a help during these difficult times we are still extending our early bird discount of 10% on the full courses from the 10th Aug to 28th Aug.

To Book please click Here for our new booking engine.

As mentioned above we cannot operate from the island until the 10th of Aug, so until then we will be offering some activities from Cunnamore on the mainland, all the activites will have social distancing and sanitization protocol in place.

From 22nd May onwards Kayak rental is available, €10 per kayak for 2.5hrs or €20 for the day. Wetsuits are €5pp, however ideally we would encourange anyone who has there own wetsuit to bring it along.

From the 15th June until the 7th of August, we will be offering morning Sailing lessons for kids, due to social distancing we can only have one person in a boat or a pair of siblings or two from the same household, so our capitcy is greatly reduced, also ideally the sailor would have completed at least the level Start Sailing and would be able helm a Topaz across the wind. The morning will run from 10am – 1pm Mon to Fri, the cost is €20pp per session or €35 for a pair of siblings. Unfortunetaly we do not have a premises at Cunnamore so we ask everyone to come prepared and ready to go on the water, also depedning on the weather we may have to cancel some days.

We will also be offering a small kayaking camp for any kids who might not fit into the sailing requirements mentioned above but would like to get some fun time on the water at the same times as above and at the same rates.

In the afternoons 230pm to 5pm and evenings 6.30pm to 9pm, and on Weekends, we are offering family or same household (up to 4) sailing lessons or sailing trips, also one to one adults lesson are available too.  Family lessons etc are €30pp or for a group of 4 €100, one to one lessons are €70pp. Pre booking is esssential.

We are also very excited to be offering Windsurfing lessons at these times too.  For a one to one lesson we have an introductory offer of just €45 for a two hour lesson, or €80 for a couple. Pre booking is essential.

Sailing rentals will also be available, but relevent experience is required and pre booking is essential, rates upon booking. 

Come September and into October we will also be open and have activites available. 

All our programs and activities will operate within Government, HSE, Sport Irlenad, and Irish Sailing guidelines. We will though be keeping a close eye on developments and updates from these organisations as some restrictions as we know may last longer or even move more quickly, also there is new advice coming out all time, so things can change and we will adapt and keep you as up to date as possible regarding any changes. It is with this in mind that our booking process is different as in other years, so instead of requiring the regular 50% to make a booking we just require either a €10 deposit through our booking engine or simply email or phone to book a place, now with capicty so reduced we may have to create waiting lists. Anyone who has already booked in will have priorty, so while all this seems a bit complicated we ask for patience and flexability as the whole situation is a moving one, but we really hope to offer as many people within the movement/travel guidelines an oppurtuinty to get back out the water in a fun and safe way. Thank you all and I really hope to see as many of you as possible this summer!

For more information or to book through email please contact or phone 087-1488127