Heir Island Sailing School, Skibbereen, West Cork, Ireland

Welcome to Heir Island Sailing School. Heir Island is situated in Roaringwater Bay amongst Carbery’s 100 Isles. It has safe sailing waters, wonderful sandy beaches, a coastline that is heaven for the adventurous and could arguably be one of the best sailing locations in Europe.

The Sailing School is an Irish Sailing recognised Training Centre. We are a niche school catering for 25 – 30 mixed ability sailors at any one time. We offer lessons to all, from Kids to Teens to Adults, and we can provide lessons and adventures to families, groups, schools, Scouts, Corporates, etc.

We aim to provide our sailors with qualified tuition in a friendly and safe environment. We believe in teamwork and adventure. Nature has provided a haven for adventure and sailing around Heir Island, with countless uninhabited islands, pristine beaches, clear waters, wildlife, and much more. Heir Island itself is one of the safest places around and a great place to get away, learn to sail, have an adventure and be in nature.

Sailing is not all we do…

Many things happen at Heir Island Sailing School, from Yoga retreats, to Mindfulness, to Kayaking, to a Keelboat Academy, and from Corporate programs, to School programs, to Therapeutic programs, and more. We are open to customizing different programs and events. Just get in touch and see what we can do for you!